Cedar Creek Roleplay

Why Us?
An honest and necessary question to ask when considering any roleplay community. The answer is simple; Cedar Creek Roleplay is the community that answers all of the "If only" questions. Questions like "If only, we could have EUP" or "If only I could find a community that is both realistic and active"

We are that community, built with you, the Member in mind. Here at Cedar Creek, we do more than provide you with a place to spend your nights after work, we strive to make lasting impressions you'll never forget. At the end of the day, we all have a simplistic goal in mind; to have fun and in a capacity that embraces realistic, authentic roleplay, while still having fun!

We look forward to receiving your application, and patrolling with you in the near future!

Apply Within

To join our community, please fill out an application by registering. We look forward to receiving your application, and patrolling with you in the near future!


Cedar Creek Roleplay has many departments to choose from!


Los Santos Police Department

The Los Santos Police Department works closely with neighboring agencies, to keep the citizens of Los Santos, and the State of San Andreas safe. From the beaches of Del Perro, to the neighborhood of Mirror Park, the LSPD will be there.


Blaine County Sheriff's Office

The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to maintaining a safe and peaceful community, committing ourselves to the preservation of life, protection of property, and safeguarding individual liberties.


San Andreas State Police

The San Andreas State Police is an internationally accredited agency whose mission is to protect life and property, promote traffic safety and provide professional public safety services with respect, compassion, and unbiased professionalism.


San Andreas Fire Department

Our duty is to protect the lives and property of residents and visitors through fire prevention and education, fire and rescue response and the provision of emergency medical aid.


San Andreas Communications Department

To make an effective difference in the community by providing high-quality, professional and effective communications, and to ensure responder safety, while striving to save lives and protect property.


Citizens of San Andreas

We are dedicated to providing realistic well planned roleplay scenarios that will occupy each department within our community.

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